7 Reasons Why You Should NOT Participate in Black Friday!

~Shemeka Michelle


Black Friday is exactly two days from today. This is the day after Thanksgiving in which retailers look forward to being propelled into the “Black”. Many of them claim that they are in the red from January until November when shoppers head out to begin their Christmas shopping. They offer huge deals that many find too good to pass up. However, there are many people who allow this shopping frenzy to propel them into the “red” year after year. Perhaps you’re unsure of which category you fall into. To participate or not to participate?….…..that is the question. While the reasons to boycott black Friday go much deeper than this list, here are some light hearted hints which should help you decided whether or not to go out and rack up on deals or STAY YOUR ASS AT HOME!!


  1. I don’t care how great the deal is on that 50” screen T.V. If you are already STEALING cable, you need to stay your ass at home!


  1. If you rack up on all of the best deals during Black Friday but have to get an advance on your tax returns, you need to stay your ass at home!


  1. If you stock up on electronics for yourself during Black Friday but then add your children to the Angel Tree to receive Christmas presents, you need to stay your ass at home.


  1. If your idea of a good Black Friday sale is “buy one pack get another pack half off” of Remy, Brazilian, Peruvian hair etc. Please please please for the love of God, stay your ass at home!!


  1. If you are going to have to PRESALE your food stamps to have enough cash to shop, yep you got it, stay your ass at home.


  1. If you’re going out shopping using credit cards, please remember credit card companies cater to people who desire to live beyond their means buying things they really can’t afford. Therefore you my friend should stay your ass at home.


  1. If you are sick of the injustice that continues to happen to people of color and you know all of the facts surrounding the origin of this day, then you definitely know to STAY YOUR ASS AT HOME!


This list is not all inclusive. However, it’s an initial guide to help you make a wise decision. If any of these apply to you or someone you know, please keep your ass at home this Black Friday and encourage them to do the same.

More than anything don’t forget to KEEP IT NAKED!!


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