5 Biggest Myths about Black Women



~Shemeka Michelle


  1. We ALWAYS have an “attitude” 

Black women do NOT have an attitude ALL the time. I can really only speak for and use myself as an example. I am very opinionated and strong willed. For some men who may not be secure in their manhood, that can be misinterpreted as disrespectful or as an attitude. No matter how nice I am, my direct and to the point demeanor can sometimes be offensive. It’s a terrible idea for me to have a dispute through written words (although I do it anyway). Phone conversations are only minimally better as only face to face conversations allow my smile to be seen.  My smile is what I refer to as my spoonful of sugar and as we all know, it helps the medicine go down.


  1. We are not submissive

Many black women have no problem being submissive. What we have a problem with is being walked over, pushed over and used as doormats. Personally, I also have a hard time pretending that a dumb idea isn’t a dumb idea! If it makes sense, I’ll follow it. If it doesn’t make sense, I’m not following it. It’s really that simple. However, even if I don’t want to or if I don’t agree whole heartedly, if it’s the smart thing to do, I’ll submit and follow.


  1. We don’t support black men

Contrary to the belief of one who lacks intelligence, the black woman can and will be a black man’s biggest supporter. I’ve watched many black women who really needed to give up on his sorry black ass, hold on for dear life. I even remember taking my then husband dinner every Sunday to prison. Although dumb decision making took him from his family, NOTHING could keep me from cooking him a hot meal each week for our weekly visits. Upon his release, I sacrificed all that I knew to sacrifice in order to support him in building his own business. However, my story is far from heroic as it seems to be the norm for many black women I know.


  1. We smell “funny”

I was told that basketball legend Charles Barkley made this statement years ago. I’ve since heard other men make this statement. I can’t help but wonder a) the cleanliness of the women they deal with and/or b) if they really know what a woman should smell like. Trust me, I’ve gone in the bathroom stall behind another woman whose scent caused me to walk out and choose another stall. However, unless a woman is suffering from some type of sickness or infection, she shouldn’t smell “funny”. Certain foods can also affect the smell of anyone which may not be a pleasant smell but the natural scent of a woman is designed to attract a male. A man that dislikes the NORMAL smell of a woman may be playing for the other team!


  1. We aren’t beautiful

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the black woman in my opinion is one of the greatest creations.  Flaunting her many shades of black, she is not just beautiful on the outside but her very soul is majestic and breathtaking. Many fall short of their true potential but the black woman that knows thyself cannot be compared to another.