11 HARD Truths Moms Won’t Tell Their Teenage Daughters…


Shemeka Stairs Cropped


  1. Wash your pu**y! 

Sports, band, cheer? Who cares! No amount of working out should make it difficult to be in the same room with your vagina. Bathe regularly!


  1. Tighten up!

You may be esteemed as phat now, but at the rate you’re going, one baby and your body will be shot to hell! No, you don’t need to be a toothpick but you only have one body. Take care of it now.


  1. You look stupid with long weaves (of any color) with no edges!

Your edges should never be so thin that it looks like your hair is slipping off the back of your head. If you’re investing more money in your local beauty world than your future, you’re losing.


  1. Sex won’t keep a man! 

Many of you should know this especially if your own dad isn’t around. This should’ve been your first clue that it takes more than sex for a successful relationship. Stop giving these no good little boys access to your treasure. Remember, pirates ALWAYS take off with the booty!


  1. Once again…..Wash your pu**y!


  1. If you define your self-worth by your looks, you’re fucked!! Looks change.

Truth is…. unless you die, you’re going to get older. Your physical appearance is destined to change. While we always want you to take pride in the way you look, please understand that this is just a fraction of who you are.


  1. All women have vaginas. Don’t think YOUR vagina makes you special. 

…Unless of course you were born a man and had your vagina made. Then I guess that would make you quite special…


  1. All of those men your mom brings home are NOT your uncles!

Self explanatory!


  1. You look stupid with makeup two shades too light! 

If your neck and face looks like it belongs to two different people, chances are you’re using the wrong foundation! Chances are you learned your terrible makeup techniques from your mom.


  1. There’s a difference between sexy and stank!

Sex appeal is more about your attitude than revealing clothes. If your only confidence comes from the fact that your ass is showing, you have already lost the battle.


  1. Did I say……Wash your pu**y?!?!  ……..PLEASE!





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