10 ways to help keep a happy home

NGSC: TamiNique
Okay, let me start off with a disclaimer.  I am not, nor do I pretend to be a relationship expert.  I have had relationship experiences, both good and bad as most of us have.  After witnessing a few successful relationships, I have chosen the following tips to help keep a happy home.  The following list of tips are not exhaustive, however it’s enough to get you started.
  1.  Never go to bed angry.
We have all heard this one before.  One of the main reasons why I believe this tip is important is because when you go to bed angry that means the issues at hand have not been resolved.  This causes negativity to brew overnight and most of the time the situation continues to escalate after marinating in anger.  Fix it first, then go to bed and prove it to your mate that you can make it through diversity.  (If you know what I mean!!!)
  1. Continue to date each other.
Dates are a great time for couples to bond.  It gives you the opportunity to get to know each other all over again.  As people, we tend to change over time.  Going on dates will allow you to grow together over time as opposed to growing apart.  Sometimes people look at dating as an opportunity to get to know someone when they first meet.  However, it can also be an opportunity to get to know your partner as their goals, interests, ambitions, etc. change over time.
  1. Go to bed at the same time.
Yeah, I know life can sometimes put a demand on your time or your schedules may conflict, but try.  Going to bed at the same time allows the two of you to wind down from the day and share your thoughts on a more intimate level.  Not to mention sex!!!  There is nothing worse than going to bed at separate times and by the time the second person gets to bed what they see is a partner that’s in level 4 sleep, snoring and all.  NOT a turn on!!!
  1. Spend time a part occasionally.
Just as it is great to spend time together, it is also nice to spend time apart.  This helps to create balance in your life.  You can use that time apart to pursue a hobby, spend time with family/friends or whatever you choose to do with that time.  The time apart allows you to actually miss one another’s company and you appreciate each other more.
  1. Compliment each other.
Everyone likes to hear something positive about themselves.  Stroke your
mate’s ego; it does wonders for the soul.  You will achieve many more desired results with positive reinforcement than with negative criticism.
  1. Enjoy “us” time together.
Take the time to do activities that you both enjoy.  Leave the job and the kids behind for a while.  Just enjoy each other’s company.  The external stress of everyday life can be heavy at times…Lay the burdens down and relax for a while.  Once you go back to your everyday life you will be recharged and ready to tackle the new challenges that you will face.
  1. Keep yourself up.
Once you catch your mate’s eye, keep your mate’s eye.   Look good, smell good…It doesn’t go unnoticed.  Your partner will thank you for not slacking off.  Also, if you know you’re looking good it boosts your mood…That’s an added bonus!
  1. Be supportive of one another’s dreams and aspirations.
 A support system is a necessity and there is no better foundation for that system than your mate.  Of course, there will be others that will be supportive of what you are striving to achieve.  You will be the catalyst to your mate’s future so it’s a requirement for you to play this role in order to secure your future together.
  1. Create a united front that cannot be broken with each other.
Make a pact with one another to take on the world…Together!  Form an unbreakable alliance with each other.  Much more can be achieved with the efforts of two people pulling in the same direction than pulling against one another.
  1. Be honest.
“Honesty is the best policy”, as we’ve heard it quoted before.  Be honest when dealing with each other.  Solid relationships are built on trust.  If that trust is ever broken by dishonesty it is extremely difficult to trust in that person again, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to rebuild trust.  Keep it while you have it!!!